About Michael Goldfield

I was born in 1940 and am currently retired. I grew up in Far Rockaway, New York. I attended the Bronx High School of Science and Far Rockaway High School, but was graduated from the latter.

I studied Mathematics and Psychology at the University of Alabama; however, I spent most of my career as a Data Processing professional designing and programming system software for large IBM mainframe computers.

I am a certified nutritionist with training from the National Institute of Nutritional Education. In addition to my activities supporting Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, I continue to consult with clients on nutrition, wellness and anti-aging.

I have always been passionate about promoting equality and condemning racism. I share with Alice Miller, Jordan Riak and countless others the belief that all the violence and greed in our world is the result of the maltreatment of children.

This blog contains articles and essays written by others, people who have intelligently and often eloquently explained the reasons which support my beliefs in this area. Authors are always credited, and the proper permission has always been secured. The proper notice is always posted for material protected by copyright.

Comments, critical or complimentary, are encouraged and are always welcome.

My Facebook page is www.facebook.com/michael.goldfield.3

Email: mentoring@sbcglobal.net

1 thought on “About Michael Goldfield”

  1. Flame said:


    I’m happy that you go against the deeply ingrained taboo of child mistreatment.
    I’m pretty new to the blog, so I will start reading some of your articles 🙂

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